22 Feb 2009
When I got to Prenzlauer Berg
There was still coal in the air
I hadn't read a book in several months
I hadn't held a job since I was seventeen

Elbows on the table
We drank some beers
Our throats were moist
But our minds were parched

This must be remedied

There was not much to talk about
There was not much to say
So we went out side and walked around
With the word on our lips

To wade in the shallow waters
Boy you've got to breathe deep
If you want to climb to heaven
Boy just let the tea steep

Oh it's a bitter weed
But, oh, it was good to me
As the water gurgled my spirits bubbled
And the ceiling became the sky

I've got a great idea
Why don't you come a little bit nearer to me
Be my anchor
Or just sink my ship
You know I've been far too long adrift
You be the weight
Now just hand me the tether
We'll reach the bottom together

Come on just
Drag me down
O honey please why don't you
Drag me down
Why won't you take me there
O honey, please
Come on just
Get me high