15 Feb 2011
Walking to the corner store
To pick up margarine, eggs, and some orange juice
The kind I get for you

I thought, now that's the way I want to live
I want to treat you right every Sunday before noon

And these church folks out here looking right
While I'm a sloppy mess with my shoes untied

Let's move in together
Let's move in together right away

Drink the honey that drips from the spoon
Like the light in the morning that fills up the room
And pools in our eyes
So we know that it's time

Let's get down and make a mess
Let's live at the same address
Take a trip home

Every day baby
We get a little bit closer to each other
But still you call me up on the telephone
When a touch would be the way to let me know
That I'm not alone.

And these church folks they've got one thing right
They go to the same house every night


I'm in love for the first time
You're not the girl of my dreams
You're the one I want to wake up next to every day
I'm for real