15 Feb 2011
Martin left Karen just to dance alone
In a disco in the shadow of the church in Cologne
Where she'd have walked the aisle if she'd had her choice
But at the first sign of romance she always raised her voice

It was a sad story
to live down

Now Martin's stepping out to step in the name of love
With glitter on his collar he's as high as a dove
And Karen's home alone with Christiane Amanpour
She says, "Honey let the bomb drop, I don't wanna live no more."

But still she waits for him,
Sure he'll save the next dance for her
And hear how her heart beats for him

But it beats too slow

"I think college was a waste of time
We fucked around and we destroyed our minds
Planting flowers in bubbles of sunshine
Now we've got to win in overtime"

But if you listen for him he'll be scratching at your door
Before the dawn comes creeping

And so she waits for him
Sure he'll save the next dance for her
And she lies silent
She can hear his heart beat for her
From the floor

"I just want to be twenty again and dancing alone in a disco in Hamburg
I want to light skinny little cigarettes for improbable girls in impossible outfits
As my self-loathing turns to loving it could really free me up to do a lot of great things with my life
When I move my feet, that's when I feel complete, don't need no company in the circle in the round"

"I want to push every button
I want to learn every lesson"

"And when I'm face down on your vinyl couch
While my tongue air dries up in my mouth
I will hear your music calling me
But I dance alone"