15 Feb 2011
You better put a tie on
You better cut that hair
You better clean yourself up
If you're going anywhere
Just try to be serious
And see the world as dangerous
Try to grow up

You better sharpen up now
You better lock it tight
You better make sure that your words and walk are civilized
Just try not to make a fuss
People might get curious and bottle you up

I’m pushing you softly
I didn’t mean to be so bossy

It isn’t hard if you give it a go

Drag a rake across the lawn
Watch your shadow getting long
The summer’s rotting at the curb
And it won’t be long before the first frost

Wash that ink off of your arm
Forget your luck and all her charms
Try to be serious
It’s not written in stone

I'm pushing you softly
I didn't mean to be so bossy
We're all pulling on the same rope
And this is not the end